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[H] Inventory [W] Roshan Courier/Other Stuff

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[H] Inventory [W] Roshan Courier/Other Stuff

Post  RumblezMan on Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:36 am

So... Got mass items here and i want to get a Roshan Courier, Keys for Halloween Crates, Essences, Items (If you have foot/bow for Drow's Spikes of Frost, TELL ME).
Profile Name: Sir Pikastache of Liverchul
Items i have (that i can trade):

3/5 of Drow's spikes of frost set*

Ursa's Belt of a Savage Age

Axe's BloodMist belt/Stone Loins/Reaver*

Nature's Horns of Noblesse/Pine-sage sigil stones/Pauldron of al-fusha/Guard of the deep tribes/Tusked Bracers

Radiant's Crystal Crown (Morphling)*

Sven's Girth of The Swordmaster/Shoulderguard of the Freelancer/Shoulders of the Freelancer

Void's Binding of the Rift

Tide's Beast-Jaw Bludgegoner/Pirate Slayer's Bracer

Clinkz's Shredder of the Vandal

Gondar's Pangolin Scarf/Creeper's Cruel Shuriken

WD's Ol' Snaggletooth/Grandfather's Ribs/Staff of the Old Doctor

Juggernaut's Long-Fang the Grey Blade

Phantom Lancer's Legion's Wrath

*Might want better items (EX the courier for those items, you can trade a pack if you want)


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