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Selling items and chest for int keys

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Selling items and chest for int keys

Post  KSbrain on Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:45 pm

I am selling the fallowing items for int keys, make me a offer for any of them

Travelers on the High Plains set for juggernaut
Swordmaster of the Vigil set for Swen
Wicked Bad Voodoo set for Witch Docter

Execution's hood, uncommen for Axe
Excavator's Decorated treasure Rare bone helm for tidehunter
Shoulder of the noble Rare Pauldron for lycan (Int item)
The Spiritual Spirits Uncommen cask for brewmaster (Int item)
Champion's Belly Belt Rare Belly Guard for Ogre (Int itme)

Lost treasure of the ivory isles 8x
Treasure of the High Tide
Treasure of the ancestor spirits 2x
Treasure of the Deep Druids 7x
Treasure of the Pangolin Guildmasters

Add me for offers


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