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[W] Keys or Bounty Hunter rare items, modifiers for Bounty Hunter [H] Inventory List + Unusual Seraphic Greevil

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[W] Keys or Bounty Hunter rare items, modifiers for Bounty Hunter [H] Inventory List + Unusual Seraphic Greevil

Post  Aramath on Sat Nov 17, 2012 3:21 am

I am looking for Bounty hunter rares and strange modifiers for bounty hunter like gold/track/track hidden.

I have the following items. Please give me a message with your offer.


Unusual Seraphic Greevil
Mythical Wicked Greevil
Mythical Tursty Mountain Yak


Wuldastron The Twin-Blade of Giants - Sven
Skirt of the Flameguard - Sven

Trident of the Sea Stalker - Slardar

Lei of the Peace Bringer - Garland

Sylnashar the Winged Axe - Axe

Ghost Orb of the Planewalker - Spirit Breaker

Heirloom of the Temple Priestess - Templar Assassin

Brooch Of Death's Bride - Death Prophet


Strange Skull of the Ravager (kill count) - Ursa

Strange Pangolin Carapace (kill count) - Bounty Hunter

Strange Pangolin Scarf (kill count) - BOunty Hunter


Strange Creeper's Cruel Shuriken (kill count) Bounty Hunter


Stoic Mask of the High Plains - Juggernaut

Wolf Cape of the High Plains - Juggernaut

Aspect Wraps of the High Plains - Juggernaut

Kimono of the Ebony Tower - Juggernaut

Ornate Mantle of Renewed - Omniknight

Circlet of the Purist Champion - Omniknight

Exquisite Dobule Axe of the Veil - Phantom Assassin

Pangolin Scarf - Bounty Hunter

Armor of the Drake - Dragon Knight

Light Cape of Sir Davion - Dragon Knight

Qaldin Assassin's Glaive - Bounty Hunter

Master Assassin's Mask - Bounty Hunter

Master Assassin's Tails - Bounty Hunter

Pangolin Carapace - Bounty Hunter

Hardened Hunter's Armor - Bounty Hunter

Hardened Hunter's Bracer - BOunty Hunter

Hardened Hunter's Mask - Bounty Hunter

Grandfather's Ribs - Witch Doctor

Ol'Snaggletooth - Witch Doctor

The Soul Reaper - Necrolyte

Bonehunter Spineguard - Bloodseeker

Back Hook - Bloodseeker

Furyblade - Off-hand - Bloodseeker

Heavy Steel Shoulder - Axe

Demon Blood Guard - Axe

Executioner's Cape -Axe

Spetum of the Disciplined - Phantom lancer

Drape of foliate Magery - Nature's Prophet

Horns of Noblesse - Nature's Prophet

Drape of Foliate Magery - Nature's Prophet

Helm of a Savage Age - Ursa

Crescent Sickle of the Druid - Lone Druid

Helm of the flameguard - Sven

Sange and Yasha - Riki

Pauldrons of Polymorphia - Morphling


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