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[H] 7 dota 2 invites and 120 items and boxex [W] Dragonclaw pudge hook

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[H] 7 dota 2 invites and 120 items and boxex [W] Dragonclaw pudge hook

Post  Better than Dendi on Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:03 am

[H] BOXES : 15 Treasure of the Deep Druids,12 Lost Treasure of the Ivory Isles,16 Treasure of the Red Mist,7 Treasure of the High Tide,4 Treasure of the Ancestor Spirits,4 Treasure of the Ancestor Spirits,1 Treasure of Profound Mysteries
ITEMS : 1 Hammer of the Radiant Crusader, 2 Lucky Tooth Necklace,1 Berserker's Belt,1 Fluted Guard of the Swordmaster,1 Frost Spikes Bundle,2 Harvester of the Hidden Hunter,
1 Pegleg of the Cursed Pirate,1 Flared Wooden Crest,1 Cyclopean Helm of the Mono Militis,1 Seafarer's Shoes,2 Spiral Staffs,1 Femur Thrasher,1 Tusked Bracers,1 Demon Blood Helm,1 Horn Mask,1 Forgemaster's Apron,1 Berserker's Pauldron,1 The Cleaver of Might,1 Grand Curls of the Admirable Admiral,1 Hlotl-Feather Necklace,1 Naval Mine,1 Staff of the Tusk-Bereft,1 Shuriken of the Hidden Hunter,1 Bracers of the Radiant Crusader,1 Eul's Scepter of Divinity,1 Shoulderguard of the Freelancer,1 Kraken Shell,1 Aspect Wraps of the High Plains,1 Demon Blood Armor,1 Swamp Fins,1 Royal Admiral's Bicorne,1 Pine-Sage Sigil Stones,1 Tricorne of the Drowned,1 Chronite Bracers,1 Fine Bone Bracers,1 Modestly Braided Beard,1 Stone Helmet,1 Forgemaster's Mask,1 Girth of the Swordmaster,1 Holy Words of the Hierophant,1 Dressed Pauldron of the Mono Militis,1 Raw Hide,1 Master Assassin's Shoulders,1 Weighted Claive,1 Sinorian Sphere Staff,1 Edgebearer's Helm,1 Stone Loins,1 Seafarer's Shoes,1 Captain's Hook,1 Trap Jaw,1 Frost Spikes,1 Ice Burst Bracers,1 Bonehunter Bracers,1 Master Assassin's Mask,1 Mask o' Wicked Badness,1 Twinblade of the Veil

if u want to trade contact me to my Steam-Better than Dendi,Twitter-Better than Dendi or Skype-DotaProNIghtStalker

Better than Dendi

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