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Have sets want offers

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Have sets want offers

Post  cactusM on Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:36 pm

i have sets:
Ritual garb of the seeker set (Bloodseeker set)
Bloodmist set (Axe set)
Forgemaster set (Axe set)
Defiant set (Axe set)
Boar God's honor set (Jugg set)
Aspect of beast and man set (Jugg set)
Ursine ravager set (Ursa set)
Iron bear set (Ursa set)
Uldorak set (DK set)
Radiant crusader set (Omni set)
Admirable admiral set (kunkka set)
Radiant crystal set (Morph set)
Heartwood vanguard set (Nature Prophet set)
Scion of the savage set (Nature Prophet set)
Burning cabal set (Invoker set)

not trading other items except the sets stated above and some doubles Very Happy

actually, i prefer key, but also accept good offers...
if u like it, just give me offer, thanks Very Happy

u can check my invent in: tf2b*com/dota/76561198064885798 (because i cant write link, so i sub the .(dot) with *)


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