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Want to trade

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Want to trade

Post  codename47 on Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:48 am

Axe: Forgemaster's Apron (slot belt), 10 treasures of red mist

Bloodseeker: Hlotl-Feather Necklace (slot shoulder)

Juggernaut: 7 lost treasures of the Ivory Isles

Sven: Girth of the Swordmaster (slot belt), Meranth Executioner's Blade (slot weapon), Shoulderguard of the Freelancer (slot shoulder), Tayrnhelm of the Swormaster (slot head), Weighted Claive (slot weapon), 6 treasures of the Rogue Knight

Kunkka: Royal Admiral's Bicorne (slot head), Wavecrester (slot back), sword of the Admirable Admiral (slot weapon)

Tidehunter: Beast-Jaw Bludgeoner (slot weapon), Naval mine (slot off-hand), 19 treasures of the High Tide

Witcht Doctor: 19 treasures of the Ancestors Spirits

Faceless Void: 4 timeless treasures of Claszureme

Dragon Knight: Wyrm Bracer of Uldorak (slot arms), Wyrm Pauldron of Uldorak (slot shoulder)

Nature's Prophet: Drape of Foliate Magery (slot back), Horns of Noblesse (slot head), Pine-Sage Sigil Stones (slot arms), Sinorian Sphere Staff (slot weapon), Twin Bull Adornment (slot head), 9 treasures of the Deep Druids

Omniknight: Armor of the Radiant Crusader (slot shoulder), Bracers of the Hierophant (slot arms)

Bounty Hunter: Creeper's Cruel Hook (slot off-hand), 21 treasures of the Pangolin Guildmasters

Ursa: 8 treasures of the Wild Claw

Invoker: 11 treasures of Profound Mysteries

my steam id: licuricifarasclipici


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