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wtb sven and drow ranger item, LOOK IN for my offer

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wtb sven and drow ranger item, LOOK IN for my offer

Post  dotaemon on Wed Oct 03, 2012 3:38 pm

Armor of the Radiant Crusader
Quills of the Ravager
Tusked Bracers
Guard of the Deep Tribes
Berserker's Pauldron
Forgemaster's Mask
Shuriken of the Hidden Hunter
Twinblade of the Veil
Cyclopean Helm of the Mono Militis
Sword of the Mono Militis
Ol' Snaggletooth
Grandfather's Ribs
Fine Bone Bracers
Wyrm Pauldron of Uldorak
Legion's Wrath


Tayrnhelm of the Swordmaster
Grip of the Swordmaster
Fluted Guard of the Swordmaster
Dressed Pauldron of the Flameguard
Cape of the Flameguard
Commander's Cape of the Flameguard
Ice Burst Cloak
Ice Burst Greaves

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fell free to contact me if you want to trade besides all of the above items


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