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[HAVE] Dota2 Inventory and Diablo 3 Gold EU - Server [WANT] Offer

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[HAVE] Dota2 Inventory and Diablo 3 Gold EU - Server [WANT] Offer

Post  Puma D. Ace on Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:40 am

Good evening

This is my first thread / post here so please be gentle when i make some mistake or so.
My english is o.k but surely not the best
As you can read in the title i trade my whole Dota2 Inventory for your offer.

Please !! No bad 1:1 Offers.

BTW: I have also Diablo 3 Gold on EU-Server and i trade it for Dota2 Items.

Below is a list of all my items and so on I´m often online from 14:00 to 22:00 o´clock ( UTC+1 ) every day except Thursday.


The Ursine Ravager | new!
Wicked Bad Voodoo


Flail of the Great Elder


Champions Belly Belt


Dressed Pauldron of the Flameguard
Shoulders of the Twelfth Day | sold out
Slayer-Sword of Sir Davion | sold out
Enameled Shield of Sir Davion | sold out
Crest of the Magus Magnus
Blade of Dark Ancients
Drum of Tales
Hammer of the Purist Champion | new!


Wicked Bad Voodoo Set
Beard of Cycles
Swamp Fins
Stone Loins
Sash of the Ravager
2x Trap Jaw
Bloodletter Off-Hand
Bloodmist Belt
2x Wyrm Pauldron of Uldorak
Cyclopean Helm of the Mono Militis
Spiked Bracers of the Ravager
Bracer of the Burning Cabal
Cape of the Burning Cabal
Relic Blade of the Kuur-Ishiminari
Radiant Crystal Crests


Hood of Endless Intellect ( Kills and Sunstrike Kills)
Cape of Arcane Artistry
Crest of the Burning Cabal
Cape of the Burning Cabal

~Treasure Chests:

6x Treasure of the Red Mist
2x Treasure of the High Tide
2x Treasure of the Ancestor Spirits
1x Treasure of the Pangolin Guildmasters
1x Lost Treasure of the Ivory Isles

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