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List of some few items to trade

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List of some few items to trade

Post  Penoreh_Getah on Mon Sep 10, 2012 1:11 pm

[H]Shoulder of the noble (int rare)(lycan)
[H]Cuff of Oak and Yew (rare)(nature prop)
[H]Name Tag(rare)
[H]Golden Walrus Whacker (int)(orge)
[H]Hardened Hunter's Mask/Trap jaw/shuriken (bh)
[H]Crescent Sickle (int)(bear)
[H]Lucky belly belt (int)(orge)
[H]Luxuriant Chin (prop)
[H]Modestly Braided Beard(prop)
[H]Curled Root Staff(prop)
[H]Force Staff(cm)
[H]Habit of the seeker(bs)
[H]Iron Bear Plate(ursa)
[H]Demon Blood Helm(axe)
[H]Executioner's Trophies(axe)
[H]pegleg wooden leg kunkka/tricone of the drowned/wavecrester(kunkka)
[H]Morph crown and bracer old set
[H]omni hammer
[H]Witch doctor set

[W]void chronite bracer/morph int set/courier/offer 1:1 fair trade (means rare for rare and so on)

add me on steam to do some trading /76561198060513941/

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