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[H] DotA 2 Acc 5k MMR +CS:GO Master Guardian Elite[W] CS:GO knife.

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[H] DotA 2 Acc 5k MMR +CS:GO Master Guardian Elite[W] CS:GO knife.

Post  dstrshow on Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:02 am

DotA 2 ACC: 4963 Solo Q/ 4929 Party Q.

Hey I'm looking for cs:go knives. Mainly M9 bayonets or Bayonets. Offers in inbox.

What you should know about the account:
Win Rate: 56%

P.S: If you don't have a cs:go knife, yet would like to have the account this is what you can do. The actual price I'm giving out the account is 70 euros. (In this point I would like to point out that everyone who is asking for less is a scammer)
So what you can do is, tell me that you would like to have the account, and I'll pm you a LINK of the knife you have to purchase. It will cost 70 euros. When that is done, we will trade.

It has some DotA 2 items in it, nothing special though.


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