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Review - Dota 2 Value – A new experience of betting

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Review - Dota 2 Value – A new experience of betting Empty Review - Dota 2 Value – A new experience of betting

Post  angellucy1311 on Wed Oct 09, 2013 2:51 am

With a development of Dota 2 and Dota 2 betting, Dota2value is a playground for Dota 2 players or Dota 2 gamblers to experience a new way of betting. In Dota2value, unlike the other betting site, you will have a chance to win a higher value item (mythical or even immortal item) from the system when you place a bet. No matter you win a bet or not, all the players havethe same opportunity to win a fascinating price. It shall be anexciting experience of betting for all Dota 2 players.

Features :

Some basic features from such as :

- Pick your team.
- Add bot.
- Trade item with bot.
- Change team mode.
- And win Very Happy
- Stream channel.

The thing makes Dota 2 value become more interesting is “WALLET”. For example, at, as you win a bet and you get 4.5 RARES which means you get for yourself 4 RAREs and 50% chance to get one extra RARE. However, at Dota2value, the 50% of winning one more extra RARE will be held in your “WALLET” and the next time you win a bet (for instance 3.6 RARES and you get 60% of take one more RARE), WALLET will add up your percent and turn it into 110%. Therefore you will get your extra RARE + 10% for the next turn. Awesome ,right?

Not only “Wallet”, Dota2value will add many more amazing features as soon as possible. The most interesting part is to haverandom chance to get a Mythical or Immortal item. Oh man! My body is ready!

In addition, you also get many valuable items by joined GiveAway event from Dota2value.

Finally, there are many betting sites all around the world, not just Dota2lounge’s betting site. Nothing is better than getting 30 random RAREs in one day, only one day!!! Absolutely amazing!!!


Please contact with Dota2value immediately when you have problems

Add Dota2value’s Group – Get in Report’s Topic and summit a description of your problems.



Link to match:

Link to sreenshot of INVENTORY HISTORY:

Link to BOT's profiles:

Description about your problems:
I placed a bet, added and traded with bot but when review my bet on site, nothing happened.
Dota2value will help you a solution as soon as possible.

Contact us :

Our fanpage :

Our group :

We hope all of you enjoy betting at Just Join In And Have Fun!! Very Happy

Best regards !!


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