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Want to sell Net worth of 230+ keys worth items... Awaiting offers.

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Want to sell Net worth of 230+ keys worth items... Awaiting offers. Empty Want to sell Net worth of 230+ keys worth items... Awaiting offers.

Post  Beberuhican on Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:16 pm

I am selling my dota 2 items. I ll Just sell as Pack not 1 by 1. Its net and true Worth through ""dota2price" website is 230+ Keys. I would like to get serious offers please. I ll add good amount of sweets(epics and new rares) if im satisfied with your offer as a gift.
The whole item list and items worth are listed so you can check it yourself too.
I accept paypal or for Turkish buyers i can accept face to face or bank transfer.
As trade i only accept WOW EU GOLD.
For Turkish citizens you can contact me through 0532 212 85 08
Thank you for your time.

Item and Set List

Full Sets

Lycan Great Grey Set 8 Keys
Broodmother Brood Set 2 Keys
Weaver Ember Set 3 Keys
Warlock Set 5 Keys
Anti-Mage Mage Slayer Set 1 Key
Bounty Hunter Crimson Set 1 Key
Dragon Knight Drake Set 0,5 Key
Natures Prophet Peace Bringer Set 1 Key
Death Prophet Corpse Set 0,5 Key
Faceless Void Chronite Set 0,5 Key
Doombringer Apocalytic Set 3 Keys
Ursa Iron-Bear Set 0,5 Key
Omniknight Wings of Paladin Set 1 Key

Exlusive Pudge Items

Pudge Full SET
- Dragonclaw Hook 48 Keys
- Rotten Stache 12 Keys
- Epic Taunt 1 Key
- Bloodstained Briches 2 Keys
- Heavy Tendenizer 1 Key


Unusual Porcine Princess (Trail of Amanita) 22 Keys
Unusual Prismatic Drake (Crystal Rift) 9 Keys
Unusual Speed Demon (Luminous Gaze) 6 Keys
Unusual Frog (Pearcing Beams) 6 Keys
Unusual Morok (Cursed Esence) 4 Keys
Unusual Wardog (Luminous Gaze) 6 Keys
Unusual Mighty Boar (Crystal Rift) 3 Keys
Unusual Immortal Stumpy (Cursed Esence) 10 Keys +
Unusual Immortal Yak (Burning Animus) 10 Keys +
Unusual Greedy Greevil(3u.essence) 3 Keys

Immortal Golden Greevil 4 Keys
Immortal Stumpy 2 Keys
Immortal Yak 2 Keys

Smeevil(200+ view) 3 Keys
Grillhound (100+view) 2 Keys
Wynchel (100+ view) 2 Keys
Inky 1,5 Key
Ramnought 2 Keys
Cluckles 3 Keys
Prismatic Drake 2 Keys
Speed Demon 2 Keys
Baby Roshan 2 Keys
Frog 2 Keys
Fearless Badger+Boar+Tegu+Morok 2 Keys

Other Mythicals

Strange Odachi(Jugger) 4 Keys
Call of Dendro(N.Prophet) 1 Key
Eye of Omoz(Doom) 2 Keys
Clinkz Tournament Drop Vandal Claw 3 Keys
Blood Chaser(Axe) 1 Key
Lylarei’s Breeze(Windrunner Bow) 2 Keys
Bessy the Batmelon(Batrider) 5 Keys
Big Bad Bandana(Batrider) 1 Key
The Horned Mother(Centaur) 1 Key
Flail(Brewmaster) 1 Key
Vice of the West(Brewmaster) 1 Key
The Instagib OGB(Sniper) 1 Key
Gloomblade(Phantom Assasin) 2 Keys

15x75% Battle Bonus 2 hours 2 Keys
3x100% Battle Bonus 2 hours 0,5 Key
3x200% Battle Bonus 2 hours 1 Key

Valor Skin 0,5 Key
Direstone Skin 3 Keys
Pyrion Flax Announcer 4 Keys

Total Keys 236,5 Keys


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