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Strange/Mythical/Rare Shoot me an offer

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Strange/Mythical/Rare Shoot me an offer Empty Strange/Mythical/Rare Shoot me an offer

Post  RipeLemons on Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:30 am

I have the following items... not gonna copy the specific names but if any interest you then let me know, and add my on steam... same name as this RipeLemons

Full Omni Rare set
Full Void rare set
Mythical Axe flail
mythical mirana mount
rare Pudge overalls
Rare SB flail
rare ta comb
rare np necklace
rare frost hud skin
rare tide fish club
Mythical Brew Flail
strange rare am mask
another rare axe axe
rare meepo backpack
strange rare sven sword
rare SK sword
Rare warlock staff

and much much more uncommon n below
let me know whatcha gotta have and how much its worth to you... ud be surprised how much i'd let some of this go for


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