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【H】sets 【W】keys only

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【H】sets 【W】keys only

Post  wzskill on Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:28 am

if u need, add me on steam ID:wzskill
only need keys,and don't break my sets

i have these sets:
BH: Trappings of the Pangolin Guild
AXE : Armor of the Saberhorn
The Berserker's Blood
FV: Chronite Defense
DK: Fire-Blessed Mail of the Drake
Enchanted Plate of the Crimson Wyvern
Armor of Sir Davion
SVEN: The Flameguard's Armor(1 is strange item)
Swordmaster of the Vigil(1 is strange item)
Ursa: The Ursine Ravager
DP: The Bone Scryer
Death's Bride
The Corpse Maiden
FUR: Garments of the Peace-Bringer
Heartwood Vanguard
Master of Beast and Bole
JUGG: The Boar God's Honor(2 are strange items)
Of Ebony and Ivory
Traveler on the High Plains
Morph: Birot's Bindings
Shards of Polymorphia(1 is strange)
Comet's Tail(all are strange)
Drow: Spikes of Frost
WD: Wicked Bad Voodoo
WR: Zaru'Kina Protector's Garb
Invoker: The Cabalist of Dark Magic(1 is strange)


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